Samsung Ativ Tab 3

Samsung Ativ Tab 3

Samsung Ativ Tab 3 mini review.

The tablet

The tablet is a usual Samsung design, similar in style to the Galaxy Tab running Android. Plastic build but nothing negative. The tablet is powered by an Atom Clovertrail dual-core CPU running at 1.8Ghz, 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage (around 40 GB available to user upon first boot).


This tablet comes with Windows 8 and Office 2013 Home and Student Edition pre-installed. You should immediately run Windows update to install the latest patches for Windows and also to enable the update link to Windows 8.1 in the Windows Store application. You need to enter the product key for Office 2013 for full activation. Head to Windows Store application to update the OS installation to Windows 8.1. The update is flawless and make sure you are using a fast internet connection as a few gigabytes of data will be downloaded.

The keyboard

The supplied Bluetooth keyboard is a joy to use, giving user options whether to use the on-screen keyboard or physical keyboard. The keys have enough travel for you to type comfortably although the cramped nature of the keyboard may be a slight discomfort for those with large hands. The keyboard doesn’t have a touchpad which for me is not a big disadvantage as I usually disable the touchpad on my traditional laptop, and you should use the touch screen anyway or just connect a Bluetooth mouse.

S Pen

One of the main reason I bought this machine is the inclusion of an active stylus, or as Samsung called it, the S Pen. It uses a Wacom powered active digitizer to ensure precision handwriting and pressure level. This pen enables the Pen menu in Office applications, where we can directly write on the opened documents on screen. Me working as a teacher, will surely use this functionality often as a teaching aid.


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